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CSS new design possibilities

With the development of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are no longer so simple mechanism for adding style (fonts, colors, spaces, etc.) to a web site. With the advent of each new version of CSS unlock new opportunities for us to implement various elements and techniques, which in earlier versions were not available.

In the last third version of CSS is a wide variety of new ways to create or influence the design of a web site. This article was prompted by the increasing occurrence of CSS3.
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To be precise we should note that CSS3 is not yet ready for 100%, and that older brauser-and is not supported as standard. Preparing and placing into service is divided into several stages according to its basic components:
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Module lists
  • Text Effects
  • Presentation Link
  • Speech module
  • and others.
Full list of modules and their development, you can follow the official site.

The benefits of innovation in CSS3 are many, but most notable are the opportunities to achieve effects such as:

  • gradients
  • rounded
  • shadows
  • frame images
  • Word Wrapping
  • Web Fonts
  • Resize
  • Box-sizing
  • Outline
  • and others.
With these additions CSS3 saves an enormous amount of time and decreases as you boot from files in numbers and size. Makes it easy to "cut" the design of the web site and its implementation thereafter.

It is difficult to say when any new browser-and begin to handle all of CSS3, as difficult to give a final date on which it will be finished. The good news is that more and more examples are found using it with CSS3 and increasing interest from developers. This leads to faster implementation of the various modules and allows browser-s stages for rapid integration of CSS3, although much longer supported anywhere.
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Custom icons for a successful site

One of the smallest countesses elements of a website are its icons. Very often when they are well chosen and not notice they were not given due consideration, but when the choice is not as successful or be repeated in more than one site contributing to poor perception by consumers.

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To answer the question it is necessary to introduce a graphical interface (GUI - Graphical user interface). GUI is the root of each web site design, it's kind of user interface in which the interface elements (menus, buttons, lists, etc..), Which are given to user management are implemented in the form of images.

Unlike the command line in the GUI user has access to all visible objects on the screen and interact with them.

The most common elements of the GUI is implemented as icons that suggest their use and properties, which helps users to understand and learn the web site better.

For your site to be a good usability by its users, its GUI interface must be well selected and the maximum suggest clearly what each icon serves as an element. If your icons such as navigating the site are not selected correctly - you risk misleading consumers and to take him to another page which is not contained the information he sought. This will lead to high drop-out rate of consumers after visiting your page and defeat your marketing campaigns or efforts to attract a larger audience.

If your icons are groomed in many sites and is developed specifically for your site then they probably will not be tying up (fitted again) with her 100% and will leave an unpleasant feeling of not adjusted to detail. Also if they are very popular and are found in other sites risk misleading consumers that have already been visited your page and lose it. It will also show that you are interested to view and if your users stay was pleasant, leading to severe rejection and loss of new and returning visitors.

Therefore, when developing a site you should be taken into account even small graphical elements like icons can maximize your udoletvorenost among consumers and to provide them with such comfort and convenience that they desire to return again leading new users with them.
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Website wireframe

Building a site wireframe quite often seen as extra time to specify the location of items and many companies prefer to skip this step and move towards leyaut-and on that site.

The question is whether there is a need to waste time to make a wireframe - and we emphatically not hesitate, state YES!
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When a new project most often have to explain to customers how the site is arranged and how it looks, but not every customer have imagination and so fell into a long explanation of what, where, how and what to do. And that's where one of the advantages of wireframe-a.

Therefore, the initial construction of a good idea to start with the deployment of systematic images that show where the element is placed and what will be its functionality, thereby displaying the customer he will get a clear idea of ​​the approximate layout and functionality without having to fall into endless explanations. You can always make the entire design of the site is already solved with the items or placements also make Frond-End of a page. In these versions the perception of the customer will be much more favorable, but in case of construction of a volume sites will lose much time in trial and preliminary views as to achieve the optimal solution, which again confirms the usefulness of systematic image on the web site to give general guidelines.

When building a wireframe is able to track placement of the elements of a group of people and to assess whether they are suitable for use by the user, since the objective is precisely it is convenient to its usability. When the envisaged structure into account and what type of site is and what is its target group.

All this will greatly benefit not only the initial presentation of the project to the client but also in terms of completed web design and its usability. Since you will be taken to the logical links and languor of their use since at early stages and will be constructed so as to be most effective. And the biggest benefit is that it minimizes the possibility of obtaining a disagreement between how the client wishes to operate an element or part of his site and how designers and programmers have realized it later.

Considering that in comparison with the overall building design or construction of Frond-End page of a schematic drawing of a similar design (wireframe) of the site takes about 10 times less time and functionalities are twice as understood by the client. It answers the question of whether a waste of time would definitely NOT!
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Socialization of your web site

The main task of the newly founded web sites to sotignat to the auditor. For this purpose zipolzvat numerous and most ralizni techniques to attract as many visitors.

In the event that this happens with your web site, then it is necessary populerizirane in most cases it ends up Optimization for search engines and out of the starting position in the results, nor with presence in different directories. Often necessary to resort to other methods to attract users on your page. Widespread use of social networking it became Moschen unstrument in the hands of marketers to access their neobhotimite target groups, using them for populerizirane and advertising services, products, etc. in them.
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The most popular social network Facebook, it has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and has become the most widely used. And also the social network itself has made its contribution to supporting and developing the business, giving him an opportunity to fan pages.

Fan pages are a few species, but all are identical idea to promote their brands set. After collecting fan page facebook group by marketing "tricks" system is used facebook for sending promotions and more. Using this technique to disseminate and promote your brands, you quickly reach not only fans but direct you to their friends and not facebook liked your page. If liking the published information from you by the fans, it is seen by all their friends and if they like it they can join your community. In this case the mechanism for recruiting new fans and potential customers - visitors to your site becomes automatic.

To enhance interest in and to lure consumers' attention to your fan page and from there to your website often to rally prebyagva different ad formats - games, raffles, etc. Thus, users are directly involved and for some / nepredelno time engage in monitoring everything about your site.

Most social networks provide its clients a range of features and additions to add to their sites. Allowing users to communicate and deal directly through your site with social network and set of features to it. Thereby allowing for a reverse process - it allows for your current users to promote among their friends your site.

Therefore, a socialization of your site would benefit its development and attracting new user flow to it.
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HTML5 or Flash

Debate and discussion as to which technology is chosen for the realization of dynamic projects continue among developers.

On the subject lot has been written in the web space and found defenders, and one of assault and other technology, so we will emphasize that you know in general terms with both technology and give proof of our favorites.
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We begin with the overall performance of both technologies.

is the latest specification language for structuring and presenting Web content. HTML5 is a mixture of many features introduced by various specifications, along with those introduced by software such as web browsers. In particular, HTML5 adds many new features syntax, trying to combine HTML, XHTML, DOM, Java Script and CSS.

The main comparison and competition of the two technologies was driven by innovations in HTML5 enabling work with multimedia and graphical content on the web without plug-ins and their APIs. On the other hand elements are newly designed to improve semantic documents, allowing better indexing and describing sites for search engines.

is a multimedia platform that plays animation, rich media content (rich media) and interactive user content over the Internet browser. Over the years, Flash is developed as an essential tool for multimedia playback and creation of interactive content on the Web, making it a major driver of audio and video content online.

Which technology to choose?
This is quite a relative matter and will surely find advocates of both one and the other technology. Some of them would be quite extreme in his defense, but the truth is that at this stage of technological development, they are very similar. So the choice should be a few things VEMA napredvid adopting the idea pusovete and cons of a technology.

The use of Flash and connect it to your browser, you need to install Flash player, which is actually an external tool and makes it more vulnerable. That this problem is at the heart of attempts to replace Flash with HTML5. An example of such vulnerability it is predobie ability to control the infected system by an attacker. This can happen when attaching. Swf file (Flash), in MS Word document (. Doc), and send as an attachment in e-mail - explain from Adobe.

Another indication of the many gaps in the security of Adobe Flash Player is constantly the update versions (fix gap). While these vulnerabilities seem harmless, it is not always so. In connection with these Steve Jobs said that Flash is "unreliable, insecure and work with it shortens battery life." In consequence of which the management of the Flash in iOS was terminated.

Despite the necessity of adding Flash player it is installed on 96% of the computers on the Internet, making it very popular among both developers and users alike.

The possibility of attractive and unusual internet advertising and the need for more visible advertising presence makes it an essential tool for creating in. With the development of technology it is becoming more and more opportunities, but at the expense of this usluzhnyava and leads to excessive and in many inappropriate use cases.

This complication appears to Flash and object-oriented Action Script 3, koto technology becomes a serious platform for developing interactive software. The recent emergence of OOP in Flash bear an preoblemi, koto contributes to the difficulty of "acceptance" by razrabottsite and by graphic designers becomes very complex environment for the realization of animation, commercials and forgive others.

The biggest plus is the possibility of Flash (under Windows) to use hardware acceleration using the CPU. But when it comes up misuse to excessive load and drive the consumer's computer.

Many of the functionalities reserved for Flash is now available for HTML5 - support vector tag multimedia, 3D, etc.. Their management is very easy with Javascript and ready libraries likе jQuery, MooTools and others. This contributes to less development time of individual elements in a project.

Many browsers have implement the standards of the HTML5 specification and maintain the majority of innovations prozhenta in browsers for mobile rate is even higher.

HTML5 requires fewer resources by protebitelite and is not bound by any additional instaliranetona plaer-and reproduction of the finished product.

With the advent of HTML5 and increasing its podarzhaka by potrebtelskite browsers, together with its less hardware-available resources our great company and multimedia content sites offering a wide auditors as YouTube, Vimeo and others. publicly announced that the clips will be delivered in HTML5.

Among many of you who have met the technology will arise the question "What is HTML5 player?" - This is an alternative to Flash Player, which works much the same way, but there are some advantages:
  • loaded immediately;
  • you can switch to different places from the video without waiting;
  • smoother playback;
  • easier management and building controls.
Did you technology?
In HTML5 are still many problems and one of them is the management of rights and privacy policies for video playback.

Flash, on the other hand, is unlikely to disappear completely as the technology works well and is widely applicable, so replacing it is not very acceptable at this stage.

The developers decided to switch to HTML5, should ensure that they can make necessary updating of the codes. Otherwise, the benefits do not justify the cost of transition.

So at this stage, cadets have the opportunity to benefit from the innovations of HTML5 and they provide our clients comply them so that they are most effective for the benefit of clients.
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